I think I'm supposed to be a fat girl. Scratch that-- PHAT GORL. I have a serious problem with food. If it's in front of me, I will eat. And I will eat until every last morsel is gone. If you looked at me, you would not believe it. I'm 5'2" and under 120 lbs. And yet, I eat like I weight 5687213576512 lbs.

To add to my phat gorlness, I consistently stalk the likes of foodgawker, food blogs, and yummly. Do I have a problem? I think not. Teehee.

Dear lord baby jesus in the sky, look at the nutella flow. It's as beautiful as a Hawaiian waterfall on a warm, summer day. And that turkey burger! It's just waiting to be gobbled up! *excuse the lame pun* I don't think I could eat that cutie carrot cake though. It's just might be too cute. Might.



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